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What are beanbags?

In Japan, beanbags are called OTEDAMA. Beanbags, have been used as a form of play for more than 3,000 years. The game, which has stood the test of time, is the perfect example of the perfect toy.
Beanbags can be played regardless of age or gender or physical skills. Games start as simple as tossing and catching, to juggling, with variations such as using the palms or the back of the hands. The game is recently gaining attention as an effective game for the elderly. The physical and mental coordination needed in tossing and catching the beanbag simultaneously activates various regions of the brain.
Even with the advent of so many new forms of play, this traditional game is once being rediscovered. "Toss Bag Challenger" is an updated version of this classic game.

About "Toss Bag Challenger"


“Toss Bag Challenger” come with “Challenge Cards” to help provide play hints for children who are playing with beanbags for the first time. The Challenge Cards come with easy to understand illustrations, a total of 100 challenges on 50 cards. The challenges can be completed one by one. There are Simple and Advance challenges for both children and adults printed on each card, making the game perfect for the whole family.
“Beanbag Games” “Dice Games” “Target Games” have all been integrated into the "Toss Bag Challenger" set. The game instructions and design have intentionally been kept simple, to provide maximum potential for the imagination. It leaves opportunity to discover new ways of playing. The “Toss Bag Challenger” offers new applications to the traditional toy.


Adult hands are big. Children’s hands are small. Family Beanbags were designed in a size and weight that is ideal for small kids, 3 years old and up. All aspects have been considered, from the cute designs and double stitching, to including 100 Challenges. The game has ways to play for everyone.
The “Dice Game” with Challenge Cards are designed so the whole family can play together.
The excitement of rolling the dice, trying to complete the tasks on the Challenge Cards, and making it around the course first is sure to be fun for everyone.
Each of the Challenge Cards have Easy and Hard levels, so both children and adults can play together.
The Target Sheet included in the set come with illustrations.
The size of the picture area varies making a wide range of difficulty levels. Everyone can participate at their own level.


Toss Bag Challenger- a modern adaptation on a classic toy.